A Trip through the Sienese Economy: a meeting this Friday on the present and future of Biotechnologies

Apr 9, 2013News&events0 comments

The event takes off from the Life Sciences journey in the Sienese economy, promoted by the Order of Accountants and Expert Bookkeepers of Siena. The series of meetings, aimed at rediscovering what economically valid activities already exist and are actively operating locally, will start on Friday, 12 April with the Biotechnologies: Present and future of the Sienese Science Park Initiative, scheduled for 3PM at the MPS Bank Auditorium. The first initiative will provide the possibility to discover the world of Biotechnologies, which claims a long and well-rooted tradition in Siena. The Biotechnologies field is evolving continually. which previously had generally been the prerogative of large multinationals, but also where innovative small and medium companies figured out how to find their place, supported by a context of efficacious synergy between active individuals in company start-ups and in technology transfer, such as company incubators, public research, including universities, and private research.

President Marco Tanini will open the event. Andrea Paolini, General Director of Toscana Life Sciences; Dario Neri, co-founder of Philogen, full Professor of Biomacromolecules at the Department of Chemistry and Applied Sciences at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Michele Maio, President of NIBIT and U.O.C director of Oncological Immunotherapy at the University Hospital of Siena and Emanuele Montomoli, CSO VisMederi Ltd and Associate Professor of Hygiene and Preventative Medicine, University of Siena will give talks on the subject.