Students from Kent State University visit VisMederi

Jun 4, 2024News&events0 comments

At the heart of research and innovation, the Vismederi Foundation warmly welcomed a group of American students from Kent State University at the Toscana Life Sciences Foundation auditorium on June 4th.

This annual event strengthens the collaboration between VisMederi Group and the prestigious Florence Health Institute.

Since 2014, the Kent State University Florence’s Florence Summer Institute has opened its doors to international students, offering an educational experience that blends theory with practical application.

Students have the unique opportunity to engage with industry professionals, enriching their education with a global perspective.

The day began with a warm welcome from Giusy Caprata, Vismederi researcher, and Veronica Cannucci from the Vismederi Foundation. Afterwards, the students explored VisMederi’s laboratories, gaining in-depth knowledge about laboratory techniques and their practical applications.

The highlight of the event was Veronica Cannucci’s lecture, which outlined the impact of infectious diseases throughout history and the vital importance of vaccines.

The lecture also highlighted Siena’s contribution to the life sciences field, emphasizing the tradition and innovation that define the city.