VIII International Conference and Exhibition IVW 2024 in Siena

May 22, 2024News&events0 comments

The eighth edition of the “Influenza Vaccines for the World—IVW 2024” conference and exhibition is currently taking place in Siena (May 21–23, 2024). This event brings together world-renowned experts in the field of influenza vaccines and related issues (adjuvants, administration, and vaccination strategies).

Experts in the sector, gathered at the Auditorium of Toscana Life Sciences, are sharing the latest data and emerging trends concerning current and new influenza vaccines and technologies, as well as their global availability, distribution, and implementation.

Professor Emanuele Montomoli, a member of the scientific committee of IVW 2024, Chief Scientific Officer, and founder of VisMederi, welcomed the participants to Siena, a city that has historically been at the forefront of vaccine development.

Montomoli has invited the scientific community involved in influenza vaccine research and development to discuss new technologies and administration strategies. “It has been a pleasure to introduce the meeting ‘Influenza Vaccines for the World’ that is going on today and tomorrow in Siena.”We really believe that only with the right communications it will be possible to improve vaccination coverage,” stated Montomoli.

Among the speakers were Alessandro Manenti, Chief Development Officer of VisMederi, who presented on “Evaluation of Influenza Vaccines: Methods and Critical Aspects,” and Veronica Cannucci, Administrative Manager, who introduced the VisMederi Foundation’s activities.