The VisMederi Group keeps growing: turnovers of over 25 million Euros

May 22, 2022News&events0 comments

Emanuele Montomoli
The VisMederi Group keeps growing: its companies closed 2021 budgets with turnovers of over 25 million Euros. This represents an important result, closing a year still deeply affected by Covid-19 and vaccinations. Other significant numbers: 20% trading profit, 37% ROI (return on investment) and employee development up to 103 units.

Logistic consolidation is just as important: the company bought an office building in Tognazza, just at the border between Siena and Monteriggioni municipalities. During 2022 laboratories expansion is expected as well: VisMederi is looking for suitable spaces close to its executive offices.

VisMederi founder and CSO  Emanuele Montomoli is satisfied with the goals achieved: they strengthen the connection with Siena. “Our group keeps growing thanks to these results – the Professor says – so we decided to allocate more resources to our territory. We are going to support our partners, such as Costone basketball team, and  charity initiatives, as we have recently done with Siena Ideale association, to help Ukrainian people”.

VisMederi is now looking towards the future. “2022 must be a consolidation year – Montomoli adds – Our idea is to build strategic projects to meet complementary market segments as the diagnostic one, to become an important asset thanks to Covid tests in the Siena province. We are going to open a sampling point soon”.

VisMederi Group, through its  companies, has clear goals for the near future. VisMederi Pharma is working on some over-the-counter para pharmaceutical products: they should be authorized before the autumn. VisMederi Research is actively taking part into several international research projects and also national projects linked to PNRR funds. VisMederi Textyle is expanding its range: not only Covid tests on fabrics, but also other certifications. VisMederi Life Sciences confirms its commitment for microbiological control of food, hygiene and environmental microbiology companies. VisMederi srl, instead, has to grow as a leading company and to strengthen the group’s core business with clinical trials on vaccines and innovative antiviral drugs.

VisMederi, for sure, will increase its charity initiatives. “During 2022 – Montomoli concludes – we are going to work on VisMederi Foundation projects. Our Foundation will help frail people to prevent and treat infectious diseases and pathological addictions”