Students from Kent State University (USA) visiting VisMederi Group

Jun 1, 2022News&events0 comments

This morning at the Auditorium of the Toscana Life Sciences Foundation, the company ETHS Srl, part of the VisMederi Group, received a visit from the students of Kent State University (USA) taking part in the “Florence Health Institute” (FHI) Program, thanks to an already consolidated tradition which had necessarily suffered a stop due to the SARS-Covid 19 pandemic.

To welcome the students and Professors Christopher Woolverton and Pamela Stevenson, there was Emanuele Montomoli, Founder and Scientific Director of VisMederi, Sara Pugliese, Sole Director of VisMederi Holding and ETHS, and Veronica Cannucci, Executive Programs Associate in ETHS.

After the welcome greetings given by Emanuele Montomoli and Sara Pugliese, the students, who are currently following a training course in Public Health, attended a lesson, held by Veronica Cannucci, on how infectious diseases have affected human history and on the fundamental role of vaccines in improving the quality of human life. In particular, the Sienese tradition has been illustrated in such an important field by tracing, in a synthetic way, the fundamental discoveries in the field of Life Sciences and Public Health.

These certainly relevant and specific issues have also been included in the Sienese naturalistic and historical context as evidence of how science, research and culture are necessarily interconnected and of the fact that only through the enhancement of all skills it is possible to achieve such important objectives, yesterday as today.