VisMederi CSO Emanuele Montomoli in Ethiopia at the Ministerial Conference on Immunization in Africa

Jan 24, 2016News&events0 comments

Prof. Emanuele Montomoli is joining the closure meeting of the Meningitis Vaccine Project (MVP) in Addis Abeb, Ethiopia, where is ongoing the Ministerial Conference on Immunization in Africa. MVP is a partnership between PATH and the World Health Organization promote to eliminate meningitis as a public health problem in sub-Saharan Africa through the development, testing, introduction and widespread use of conjugate meningococcal vaccines.

On this important project, the University of Siena and VisMederi srl has participated in the laboratory test for EPI antigens. Thanks to this project and with the efforts of more than 100 partners, 235.000.000 children has been vaccinated against Meningococcus A in the African Meningitides belt.

African leaders promote the Ministerial Conference on Immunization in Africa as a powerful platform for governments to demonstrate their commitment to expanding access to vaccines across the continent. The event has also bring together advocates, technical experts, policymakers, donors and journalists to examine how best to drive forward immunization across Africa, ensuring every child has access to the vaccines they need.

Universal access to immunization is at the forefront of enabling Africa to reach its full potential – by improving health, driving economic growth and empowering future generations. Immunization is one of the most cost-effective solutions in global health, with clear benefits for health and development. Vaccines are a major reason child deaths in Africa fell by more than half between 1990 to 2012, saving millions of lives. Immunization brings economic benefits too, reducing health care costs and increasing productivity.

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