MRna vaccines, VisMederi srl takes part into research on healthcare workers

Mar 9, 2022News&events0 comments

VisMederi Srl took part into research on antibody and cellular response induced by mRna vaccine against Covid-19. This trial involved a group of 352 healthcare workers, 180 days after the second shot of Pfizer-Biontech mRna vaccine. VisMederi founder and CSO Emanuele Montomoli, Professor of Public Health in the Department of Molecular Medicine at University of Siena and VisMederi’s Chief Development Officer Alessandro Manenti were also among the scientists who studied vaccine protection breakthrough infections. “Casa sollievo della sofferenza Hospital, in San Giovanni Rotondo, asked VisMederi to join trials on healthcare workers blood samples – says Alessandro Manenti – since VisMederi has the possibility to use living viruses to detect neutralizing antibodies in its maximum safety laboratories”. “This research – adds VisMederi’s CDO – has made it possible to confirm already known results, namely that a strong immune response is induced by the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine and also that the presence of neutralizing antibodies decays significantly after 180 days”. “Cellular and humoral immune responses and breakthrough infections after two doses of BNT162b vaccine in healthcare workers (HW) 180 days after the second vaccine shot” research was issued on the scientific journal “Frontiers in Public Health” ( “In addition, from this research – concludes Manenti – the need for the third dose has emerged to reinforce the protection against the virus. Furthermore, it has been found that subjects older than 58 years, simultaneously presenting specific serological markers, can be identified as high-risk subjects. In particular, neutralizing titers <20, binding antibody levels/ml <200, and IFN-ɣ <1000 mIU/ml”.