VisMederi has ranked 72ND in the “Chamions of Growth 2023”

Nov 18, 2022News&events0 comments

Important recognition for Vismederi, which has ranked 72nd in the “Champions of Growth 2023” ranking list compiled by the German Institute for Quality and Finance (Itqf) and Repubblica’s “Affari e Finanza.”
This is an important result that certifies Vismederi – among 800 Italian companies that received the recognition – with the highest growth rate in the last three years. In order to enter the ranking, these companies had to meet a series of parameters related to quality and quantity of their productivity and market expansion.
The study, which started from a long list of 50,000 companies, was conducted by examining data such as balance sheets, turnover, operating results and headcount for the last three years, in order to select those with the highest organic growth and best entrepreneurial capacity.

“This is a great recognition for our city,” comments VisMederi founder and Chief Scientist Emanuele Montomoli, “It’s the result of the commitment that each VisMederi staff member has put into his or her work in recent years”.
Vismederi counts an average annual growth rate of 76.21 %. “Thanks to our good results,” Montomoli continues, “we have had the opportunity to create new job opportunities, thus going from 28 employees in 2018 to 72 in 2021. This positive trend continues in 2022 and is expected to be so for 2023 as well, with an increasing turnover and number of employees compared to the picture shown by the Affari & Finanza ranking.”
“We welcome with great fulfilment another reward that, in addition to making us really proud, once again confirms the validity of our growth path,” Montomoli concludes, “considering also that 2022 will close according to estimates with further important increases in reference to revenues and gross operating margin, results that further increase an already strong financial solidity and inaugurate a particularly dynamic 2023 in terms of investments in new plants and technological development”.

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